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Root Removal

The majority of issues your pipes will encounter will come from within: clogs caused by buildups of hair, food, soap and other objects. However, some of the most devastating damage can actually come from roots outside of your pipes. Drain Masters , serving Leesburg, FL, Lake County, Orange County , will remove these roots before they cause major damage to your pipes.

Progression of Root Intrusion

Progression of Root Intrusion

• Stage 1: Early Intrusion
Roots find their way into a joint in the sewer line, attracted by readily available moisture and start to grow into the sewer line. At this stage, it can be hard to tell that there is an issue with the line.

• Stage 2: Advanced Intrusion
Nourished by the moisture, tree roots in sewer lines begin to multiply and grow thicker. Solid waste such as toilet paper is caught up in the root ball to further block the line leading to backups and clogs. If Stage 2 roots have progressed far enough, they cannot be cleared by mechanical rooters and will need advanced technology such as hydrojetting or a permanent repair solution.

• Stage 3: Collapse/Structural Failure
As tree root incursion continues to develop, the integrity of the pipe is weakened and eventually gives way to the weight of the soil above the line. Once the issue has progressed to structural failure, the only option to restore the line to a serviceable condition is through a permanent repair solution.

Sewer Replacement

There are several ways to deal with this issue. Some would argue that once tree roots have affected your sewer line, the only solution is to replace the sewer line itself. This can prove to be quite expensive and every situation is unique, so costs can vary a great deal. If you can afford it, this is the most effective way to resolve your root problem.

Tree Root Removal

Most people don't know that roots can get into your sewer line from trees, bushes and brush. Even neighboring trees' roots can wreak havoc on your sewer lines. These roots can and will destroy your sewer line if protective measures aren't taken when the problem is discovered.

Alternative Methods

There are alternative methods that Drain Masters uses to handle tree roots in your sewer lines as well. In most cases, these alternatives are more affordable and easier to manage. They do, however, require some form of yearly preventive maintenance. Instead of excavating your sewer line at great expense, yearly maintenance will save you a great deal of money as well as unnecessary stress. Remember to keep the maintenance program going. Skipping regular maintenance will have you right back to where you started—with a big problem.